Coppicing for firewood

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What trees might be good for coppicing in zone 4? Our local spruce forest is dying because of stresses from climate change. Even when it is healthy, though, the native spruce, cottonwood and birch are not very good for firewood. I want to find species that are 1) grow fairly rapidly, 2) can survive in our funky light distribution in south-central Alaska, and 3) provide better BTU return as firewood than paperbark birch and cottonwood. Any suggestions?


  • I've consulted with the State "service forester" in my district regarding tree issues; he was very approachable and they seem to know this type of thing like the back of their hand. I found him through the County Agricultural Extension. They'd be able to give specifics for your area. Good luck!
  • Hello- as the Ag/Horticulture Extension Agent for the Kenai Peninsula Alaska I can share our stewardship forester contact information with you.
    Judy Reese,, 907.235.7841

    I hear she is currently not in the office, but I'm sure she'll return your email or call as soon as she's able. Hope this helps.
  • Thank you, Lydia. That sounds like a good contact for me.
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