How much do you compost?

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for those of you that own or work on a commercial farm, how much do you compost every year. for ease of comparison mention how many acres under cultivation and yards of finished compost you produce or just yards per acre would work as well.

this past season i worked 2 acres for vegetables. in feb i brought in approx 40 yards of organic dairy manure solids and ran them through an NOP hot compost cycle and then turned it a few more times over the next moth or so. i estimate i ended up with 20 yards of finished compost for a 10 yard per acre rate. i applied it in the beds at initial bed prep and wasn't certain how far that would go so i used it gingerly and ended up with some left over. the left overs were scattered and incorporated when i cover cropped for the winter. i was pleased with how things went but hope to at least double the amount of compost for next year.

i began a separate compost pile of all crop residues from the season. this is a small amount when compared to the pile of composted manure. i think i will just use it to mix in with the new batch of manure as a compost starter

looking forward to hearing others adventures with compost


  • HI, Kenny,
    We raise sheep and generate about 300 yards of compost a year from the bedding and manure. It is applied to our pasture ground at a rate of about 30-35 yards per acre. We get over the entire pasture about every three years. This schedule has built up and stabilized our soil organic matter from 1.3% to 5.0% over a 30 year period. While our situation is different than yours, I do not think you are over composting.
    Livestock Specialist
  • When we go to town to make our deliveries we pick up compost stock from our customers including restaurants and a brewery,that way we do not come home empty.When we get finished composting that with chicken bedding, old hay, and leaves we collect around town. I then apply about and inch of finished compost whenever I replant or as a mulch.
    Haven't had fertility issues,and we have turned desert caliche to soft friable soil full of worms.

    Northern, Nevada
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