Wash pack efficiency

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Hello All,

We are starting our third year and we are expanding our CSA to 45 shares. One area where we are looking to improve is wash rootcrops, greens other veggies. Currently we use two to three stock tanks to soak and rinse and hardware cloth tables for drying. Looking at an old washing machine spin cycle for drying greens.

Anyone use bubblers, swirl tanks, root washers, or other DIY ways to increase capacity or lower time?



  • Many growers in my area are using the bubblers in combination with a washing machine to great advantage, especially for salad greens (though it works great to move from crop to crop, cleanest down to roots before starting over with new water). Just a jaccuzi motor hooked up to press-fit pvc tubing with small holes. Many examples online. Locally, Green Things Farm, Seeley Farm and others come to mind. Both started experimenting with these while farming at Tilian Farm Development Center (Ann Arbor, MI). I know Paul and Sandy Arnold in NY have given a lot of presentations on this method as well as many other innovative ways to handle crops. Jeff McCabe - Nifty Hoops
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