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I was at a fruit society meeting not long ago and was asked about Paw paws for the pacific Northwest? Since I don't grow any is there anyone out there that grows paw paws or has heard of Paw paws that can grow in a cool environment ? I was under the impression that they need a long hot summer.


  • We have some growers in Wisconsin that grow Paw paws. Mostly as a hobby. The trees can survive in our Zone 4 or 5 conditions, but we do not always get fruit. Although I am somewhat concered about some tree survival this winter because of our extremly low temperatures in the last 30days.
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    The folks at Burnt Ridge Nursery (Washington) and at One Green World Nursery (Oregon) both fruit their pawpaws successfully. Also, a quick perusal of gardening forums indicates that there is no problem.

    When Oregon State planted their initial pawpaw variety trial some years back, many of the trees died due to a mysterious vascular disorder. This incident, still unexplained as far as I know, may have led some folks to think that there is a problem growing pawpaws in the NW, but both prior and subsequent experience would indicate that this was just an anomaly and that there are no serious climatic barriers to growing pawpaws in the Pacific NW.

    Guy A. ~ ATTRA Specialist
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