What is your preferred source of renewable energy and why?

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I think it depends on what works best for your location. Some places are sunnier or windier than others. I personally prefer solar energy because it works well in my location and in most cases, the sun is a bit more reliable than the wind.


  • Our farm has been off grid for 30 years. I like solar the best. First, because we live in Nevada where we have sun 350 days a year. Second, there are no moving parts, I can fix pretty much any problem myself.
  • A penny saved is a penny earned -- so the best source of "renewable energy" is often to assess your facilities, equipment, and operations for opportunities to save energy. But like the previous two posters said, solar PV is often a great source of on-site electricity. In many parts of the country, purchasing off-site wind power through an alternative electric supplier is a good option. Also, don't overlook renewable thermal: biomass, solar thermal, and geothermal systems can all displace fossil fuel use on your operation if you're a significant heat user.
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