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  • I teach organic growing in unheated hoophouses in 7 local schools. If farmers might be able to give a few hours a month to help in one school garden we might have trained many young people not only to grow food but to eat well as as added bonus. Our…
  • When we go to town to make our deliveries we pick up compost stock from our customers including restaurants and a brewery,that way we do not come home empty.When we get finished composting that with chicken bedding, old hay, and leaves we collect ar…
  • The way I make bio char is not making the char by burning new wood. It's very easy to get char by pulling the char out of your fireplace or wood stove and adding it to the compost pile to inoculate it before applying it to the soil. Anything can be …
  • I hadn't thought of that. thanks. Marcia Zone 6 Northern Nevada
  • The grundfos pump works wonderfully. If there isn't enough sun to pump at it's full capacity (12gpm) it will start lower and continue slower as the light goes down. Ours pumps constantly in the summer and we run a small farm with it.
  • We started on bare land (it was inexpensive) The water was just a few inches deep so we dug out our first well with shovels. No power so started with solar. We were already living a trailer so it makes perfect sense to use dc power. Then we worked o…
  • If you want to start small scale you don't need much land. We have supported ourselves on about 1/3 acre for the last twenty years. Try biointensive farming. You can get with them at Ecology Action or Grow Biointensive. Great way to grow more and us…
  • Our farm has been off grid for 30 years. I like solar the best. First, because we live in Nevada where we have sun 350 days a year. Second, there are no moving parts, I can fix pretty much any problem myself.
  • Sustainable ag to me is getting your farm to the point you don't need inputs from off farm.Including off farm power or water.